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Here is my honest, straightforward review of Guy Gets Girl. Like I said, Guy Gets Girl is one of the BEST attraction and seduction programs available.

BUT, there are 2 major flaws that I had to find solutions for before I could recommend Guy Gets Girl to anyone. I'll cover those a little later. Let me first give you an inside peek into Guy Gets Girl.

Guy Gets Girl is an interesting approach to teaching men the secrets of attracting, approaching, and seducing women, because it was written by a woman. Tiffany Taylor does a great job of dissecting the common dos and don'ts of attracting women in Guy Gets Girl. She covers the bases, approaching women, what to say to them, and how to keep them guessing. But all from a woman's point of view, which makes you feel like you're getting an insider's look.

Guy Gets Girl displays a great use of levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Taylor's "woman's perspective" gives awesome 'insider' view. The Advanced guide is expertly written and provides strategies many others do not. And the bonuses vary in topic so that you don't feel like you're getting the same info over and over. Overall, great product that guys of all levels will appreciate.

The Guy Gets Girl Beginner's Guide is what it says. It is aimed at the true novice who might not have a clue on how to even begin approaching women. Taylor writes in a very free-flowing format, which sometimes comes across as too soft or vague. But it does a good job of pointing out important elements by using 'Tiffany's Tip Boxes' along the way.

The Guy Gets Girl Intermediate Guide is written by Woody Wilcox, and I have to say is more in-depth than the beginner's guide. It is called, 'A Guy's Guide to: Meeting & Greeting, Dating and Mating The Various Women That You Desire or Everything You Always Needed to Know About Dating and Getting Laid By The Hottest and Most Attractive Babes, But Didn't Know Who To Ask!'

In the process of writing this version of Guy Gets Girl, Woody interviewed 50 women with a list of 50 questions, and compiled the data to provide statistical analysis to back his claims. Some of the results are surprising.

For example, he discusses the timeframe on when women decide if they are interested in a guy. You'll be astonished to find out that within the first minute, 56% of women have already decided if they like you or not. In Woody's words,’ What happens in the very first few seconds of making eye contact, has 20 times more to do with either sealing the deal or going down in flames, than anything else you can possibly think of doing over the next several hours.'

The Guy Gets Girl Advanced Seduction Guide definitely goes many levels deeper than the previous 2 Guy Gets Girl guides. It covers similar topics, but does so in such an in-depth manner that it will have your head spinning. After reading the Guy Gets Girl advanced guide, I totally understood that there is a science to attracting, approaching, and seducing women that I never knew existed.

This guide explores elements such as body language and 'Advanced Scoping.' For example, when you are scoping, you are checking out the environment for women that you would like to approach and attract. Women 'wide-cast' and send out subtle signals to the entire room that they want to be approached.