Girls 10

I believe that all of us guy will have at least a special girl in throughout our life that we are extremely fond of. At a certain time frame, it will most probably be a single girl that was able to capture all your attention, your mind and even your soul. "The ONE" girl is so special in your life that you are dying to make her your girl.

However, most of the time, she will date with some other guys, whom you think they did not deserve it, they did not treat her as good as you, they did not treat her as special as you do...they did not even go after her, at all... Yet she is willing to date these guys happily rather than going out with you! Am I saying something you have experienced before or you are going through right now? Do you want to know the method on how to get a girl to like you?

If your answer is YES, then pay your 100% attention here: Do not pay so much attention on a particular girl!! Let me rephrase and emphasize again, STOP TREATING ANY GIRL AS THE SPECIAL ONE! You hear me right, there are so many awesome girls out there; Stop thinking of a single girl in every moment of your life. Stop paying attention at her single move. Stop letting any girl to know that you are desperately looking forward to own her!