Girls 07

Have you ever wondered how to approach girls in large groups? Girls always feel a sense of security when they are in a large group. I guess it's more of a safety issue as they say there is safety in numbers. But it is much deeper level than that. You see girls since little kids like to be identified in a certain group. Like what you would call a clique. For instance, in high school all the popular girls might be cheerleaders and they would often be together. Well this type of behavior can still be carried onto the adult years. Unlike men who get together to watch the latest football game, girls like to get together to eat at a nice fancy restaurant. I'm not saying that men do not do this. But typically most men's ideal of guy’s night out involves heavy drinking, sports watching, or strippers. So the big question for you is how to approach girls in a group. I am not going to lie that this is much easier than approaching a girl that is alone. I mean this is more recommended by seasoned girl hunters like me. But let me go ahead and give you some pointers anyways.

Like I previously said to approach girls in a group is a little more difficult. Confidence is very important. Girls can spot out weakness really easy. They can literally smell blood and fear. One wrong move and you can appear to be the biggest joke of the evening. They be laughing and talking about you all evening. So how do you approach girls in a group can be summed up with just being polite and courteous. For example I can explain by going with the restaurant scenario. What I am giving you is an actual case study of when I ate at Applebee's a few weeks ago. This particular Applebee's is a rest haven of beautiful girls on Friday nights. It is not uncommon to see groups of 4 or 5 single girls eating out before they hit the clubs.

As usual I was sitting at the bar casing the joint. Trying to evaluate the area and picking out the hot girls. Please go back and preview my other article on how to talk to girls in a club if you need more help in this phase of how to approach girls in a group. Now that you spot the group of girls you want to approach, you have to remember this before you make the crucial mistake. The biggest mistake most guys do when they approach a group of girls is that they pick out the one they like the most.