Girls 17

As you can see, attracting a girl is becoming attractive. Don't get the idea wrong, it has NOTHING to do with your looks. It's about your personality and the way you present yourself. I'll guide you through steps which need to be done to become attractive.

Warm up your brain, prepare a pen and paper and commit to yourself that you will participate with the exercises. Ready?

How to Attract a Girl: Get Rid of the Wrong Beliefs Most of us has wrong beliefs or assumptions about the attraction or what girls want. It's not important, if those beliefs or assumptions are because of our moms, a relationship between our parents, bad experience with exgirlfriend, movies, recent society, media etc. You can be sure that things don't have to be as you think they are.

I want you to open your mind to new things, concepts and realizations. You need to be aware of the fact that girls think and act differently than guys. Stop assuming; learn how girls really work and then act based on that.

Girls Are Attracted Only to Handsome Guys False. Don't be as the rest of 85% guys who think you have to be handsome, otherwise you won't attract girls. You can bet handsome guys have easier life when it comes to meeting girls, but looks isn't the magic attraction button.

We choose girls just by looks; it's our measurement of beauty. Girls are attracted to a whole integrity (personality, character) of guys. That's exactly why you hear a lot from girls "Just be yourself". Do not pretend you're someone else, girls will notice that, because they're excellent readers of body language.