Girls 24

How to get a girls phone number in 60 seconds and why you have not been successful at getting their phone number...up until now!

Just about every day good-looking girls get approached by guys who want them for sex. Most of these guys are not very good looking which is not the most important thing in the world as you will soon see. Almost none of the guys that approach girls are graceful in their approach.

The first thing you have to understand in order to get a girls phone number is you have to understand her frame of mind in terms of what she goes through.

How would you feel if every single day you were approached by five to 10 different women most of them not so good looking and almost all of them having stupid things to say like "hey baby I bet your big between your legs". If you do not get much action your first thought is probably "I would love that!" Believe me you would tire of it quickly and an attractive looking girl is very tired of it.

At this point you may already be appreciating why women seem to have such a defensive attitude when you approach them and try to get their phone number.

Read on and you will see how to quickly break down these barriers and get on their side of the fence. In a matter of 60 seconds or so you will be able to get their phone number and their e-mail address.