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If you have ever planned a wedding, or even attended a wedding, before you might have noticed that flower girls dresses often look like Easter or first communion dresses, or that they do not really seem like dresses for young girls.

Girls have a tendency to look as though they are wearing dresses that were shrunk down to fit them and accessories that do not fully fit the occasion. Recently, however, newer fashions have been introduced for flower girls that both allow the bride to coordinate her flower girl with the wedding party and also allow the flower girl to wear an elegant but age appropriate dress.

Flower girl dresses are available in all sorts of fun styles, everything from summery dresses for the less formal weddings to what amount to miniature wedding dresses for the more formal weddings. The dresses are available in a range of colors, though of course white is the most prevalent color available. Several of the designs have a white base with color accents, which is a fun way for a bride to either match her flower girl with her bridal party, or add flair of her wedding colors to the ceremony. Even if the dress itself is pure white, a pop of color can be added with a ribbon around the waist or in the hair!

The dresses are also available in varying lengths; an important consideration during preparations. If your wedding is outside you probably would not want your flower girl in a floor length formal gown just to have it dragging along the ground. Similarly, if you have an extremely formal indoor wedding you would not want your flower girl to wear a knee length summer dress and sandals. Now that there is a wide variety of dress available it will be easier to match your flower girl's dress both to the level of formality for your wedding and also the setting. Thanks to the wide variety of dresses not only can you match the length of the dress with the formality and location of the wedding, but also with the season in which you’re wedding occurs.

A wider range of accessories is also available for your flower girl. There are all sorts of veils and tiaras, along with gloves, shoes, and hair accessories. Giving your flower girl these accessories can both dress up their outfit and allow the young girls to have a truly fun experience dressing up for your big day. Each of the accessories are designed to complement the wedding party without making the young girls look as though they are wearing something designed for a bride's maid.

One of the best things about the styles that are available for brides to choose from for their flower girls is that most of them have a wide variety of colors available, either for the dress itself or for the accent features of the dress. Because of the range of colors available for each style the bride will not have to compromise her ideal design in order to get a color that matches her wedding's color scheme. The bride will be able to find a dress that matches or compliments her bride's maids without having to worry about matching colors.